collegeShanti Asiatic School Jaipur is a joint educational initiative of CHIRIPAL GROUP , ISHWAR GROUP and TRADITIONAL GROUP. Shanti Asiatic School Jaipur is established to further the vision of ensuring Holistic Development of our young learners. Situated in a serene , pollution free corridor of Jaipur City Shanti Asiatic School offers our young learners a 21st century learning experience in a state of the art ,child centric school infrastructure.
The primary objective of the learning program at SHANTI ASIATIC SCHOOL JAIPUR is to offer our children an opportunity to explore , express and engage in educational relevant and meaning full activities leading to all round development.

Shanti Asiatic School Jaipur was established with a vision of ensuring Holistic Development of the young learners. Its primary objective being, to provide an opportunity to the children to explore, express and engage in educationally relevant meaningful activities leading to their all round development. Established in the year 2013, Shanti Asiatic School is ranked among top 10 schools of Jaipur and ranked 12th in Rajasthan. A survey conducted by “Education World” (India School rankings 2014).