Where Each Day Is A Forward Looking Day and No Child Left Behind Is The Policy


The Morning Assembly is not a mere ritual but sets the perfect tone for the day. Besides – Prayer Song, Thought for the Day, Precept Reading and its explanation by the Master on Duty, Headlines from the News paper, Quiz or any other activity with latest information, Birthday wishes are also conveyed. Each House present the assembly on rotation for the first four days of a week and on the fifth day assembly is organised by a Class, thus giving chance to all students to showcase their talents.

The Four Houses at SAS

The House System at SAS gives us an opportunity to learn together and compete together. The idea is to cultivate a sense of belonging, working for a purpose, and progressing towards a common goal of Success. Houses enable us to interact with our seniors & juniors, share perspectives & sharpen our skills as individuals.

The four Houses at SAS are derived from the four principles of Creation- The four elements,

  • Jal
  • Vaayu
  • Agni
  • Prithvi

They are abstract, being pure idea and principle, and at the same time are also material. They are reflected in every dimension in their own appropriate way. They are spiritual yet real persons at the same time, being personified as

Eternal Life


Air, the life-giving breath is our most immediate experience. It is the eternally flowing element related to omnipresence that metaphorically expresses PERSEVERANCE


Earth, the mother, the nurturer, the sustainer of life! Of all the elements, Earth is the one with which we have the deepest, the most emotional and personal relationship. All these attributes of earth represent PATIENCE


Fire, an intense element, is the only element with the power of transformation and has the highest vibrations. It stands for unconditional giving and is the manifestation of PURITY.


Water, is an essential part of our lives, and the connection is deep and emotional. It is always on the move and its rhythmic patterns not only depict the composition of life but also express PROGRESS.

Investiture Ceremony

The new Prefectorial Board is installed in an impressive ceremony held in the month of April. The School and House Flags, Sashes, Prefects' Handbook and Badges are presented to the Captains and Prefects on this occasion.

Inter - House Competitions

A wide range of Inter-House Competitions such as Short Story Writing, Debate, Quiz, Recitation, and Extempore Speech Competition are organised for the students. House members participates in them enthusiastically.

Club Activities

To nurture special talent in students, various Clubs are formed. Students from Classes VI - X are the members of Clubs such as Health and Awareness, Environment, Science, Music, Dance and Drama.

Celebrations of Religious Festivals

To keep students attached to their Culture many religious festivals such as Janmashtami, Teej, Dandiya Rass , Diwali and Christmas are celebrated in the School.

Celebration of National Days

National Days such- as Independence Day. Gandhi Jayanti and Republic Day are celebrated with great patriotic fervour and splendour.

Sports and Games

Sports and Games are given utmost priority. A team of Coaches has been hired from Mumbai to train the students in Football, Basketball,Skating, Squash and Swimming. Efforts are made to provide ample opportunities to students to participate in School Level and Inter-School Level events.

Sports and Games at SAS : Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis , Chess, Skating, Karate, Swimming and Athletics.

Educational Excursion, Camps, Film Shows & Field Trips

Learning is not only through books but also through exposure to outside world. Educational Excursions expand students learning through active hands-on experience with rich resources of the local area and its community. They also increase students' knowledge and understanding of a subject and add realism to the topic of study.

Various day and overnight educational excursions are organised. Students also participate in concept based field trips and Overnight Camps.