French Festival

French Festival at SASJ

In our gradually shrinking world everyone is in need of all the others. Therefore, it is quintessential for all of us to adopt and adjust with Global Culture. Being in line with this, students of Middle School at SASJ are being exposed to French as their third language. Since Language is the road map of a culture, it tells you where its people come from and where they are going, therefore, organisation of French Festival by the students was an added attraction in the Activity Calendar this year. The students along with their teachers worked together to make this event enriching for all. What is France as a nation was displayed through Wall Panels having a glimpse of France along with information about its geography, history, culture, monuments, cuisine, personalities, books and newspapers, etc. There was also a display of paintings made by famous French Artists. The students not only very enthusiastically gave the visitors a peep into France as a Nation but also entertained them with French Songs and Poems. The Festival was inaugurated by the Chairman Sh. Dinesh Goyal. All the parents who visited the festival were having all praise for the students’ work. As per the Director, Neelima Sharma such festivals help the students to transform into Global Denizen of tomorrow.