Football Champion’s League

It is well known that participation in Sports gives children a practical way to learn about goal setting, the importance of teamwork, discipline, and skills required to deal with real life situations of ups and downs. Needless to say that sports activities also help students to stay healthy and fit. Our School is not only conducting daily sports activities but also providing a platform for healthy competition, in the form of ‘Inter-House Sports Activities’. They also go to different places locally as well as Outstation to play District and CBSE Cluster Matches. In order to give them an exposure to competitiveness a, ‘Football Champions League’ was organized from 27th to 30th May. Four teams from Mumbai and Ahmedabad and two teams from the city of Jaipur participated in it. The event started with a gala opening ceremony. Two Matches were also held. In both the matches, (U16& U14) our team defeated the local teams of The Palace School and Bhawani Niketan School respectively. Congratulations! to the team and special thanks to the staff who (is tirelessly working) worked tirelessly to make this event a grand success. The Championship was won by Shanti Asiatic School, Jaipur in both the categories.