General Details

Academic Year  

An Academic Year is divided into two terms.

  • First Term    :  April To September
  • Scond Term : October To March

(Other details in School Almanac)

School Timings  

Pre-Primary :  8:00 am to  12:30 pm (Monday to Friday )

I to IV           :  8:00 am to 2:30 pm     (Monday to Friday  )

V to X          : 8:00 am  to 2:30 pm  (Monday to Saturday )

Visiting Hours

With the Principal   :   10:00 am to 11:00 am

Office Hours

For Public dealing  : 9:30 am to 1:00 pm (School’s Office  remains closed on Second Saturday except informed otherwise)

 Time Table 

A systematic Time – Table of 40 periods a week is being followed in Classes  I to IV and in Classes V to X it is 48 periods a week. 

School Uniform


Class Boys Girls
Nursery to  SR.KG Blue  T.Shirt, Half Pant, Belt,Socks Blue  T.Shirt, Divider Skirt, Belt, Socks
I to IV Half Sleeves Shirt, Half Pent, Tie, Belt, Socks, Track Suit (House Code) Half  Sleeves Shirt, Divider Skirt, Tie, Belt, Socks, Track Suit (House Code)
V to X Half Sleeves Shirt, Full Pant, Tie, Belt, Socks, Track Suit (HouseCode) Half Sleeves Shirt, Jacket, Divider Skirt, Tie, Belt, Socks, Track Suit (House Code)


Class Boys Girls
Nursery to  SR.KG Blue  T.Shirt, Full Pant, Belt,Socks, Winter Jacket Blue  T.Shirt, Divider Skirt, Belt, Socks, Winter Jacket, Black Leggings
I to IV Full Sleeves  Shirt, Full Pant, Tie, Belt, Socks, Winter Jacket  ,Track Suit (House Code) Full Sleeves  Shirt, Divider Skirt, Tie, Belt, Socks, Winter Jacket, Black Leggings ,Track Suit (House Code)
V to X Full Sleeves  Shirt, Full Pant, Tie, Belt, Socks, Winter Jacket, Track Suit (HouseCode) Full Sleeves  Shirt, Jacket, Divider Skirt, Tie, Belt, Socks, Winter Jacket, Black Leggings  ,Track Suit (House Code)

House Uniform 



  Uniform must be adhered to strictly.

  1. Students should wear clean and neatly ironed uniform.
  2. Wearing of I-card is essential at all times during School Hours and in the School bus.
  3. Shoes should be clean and the laces should be tied properly.
  4. Hair should be combed properly to give a neat look. Girls with shoulder length hair or more should tie their hair neatly into a plait or pony tail.(no loose hair) All ribbons, ponytails’ bands must be black.
  5. Any kind of make-up including nail polish, mehendi, etc. and dangling accessories is not allowed in the campus. (simplicity will help one focus)
  6. A simple ‘Wrist watch’ (not expensive) is allowed only for students of Class V onwards.
  7. Students upto Class V are permitted to wear coloured clothes on their birthdays. But the students above Class V are not permitted the same.
  8. Distribution of sweets and gifts by the students in Class is not permitted at the School.
  9. In case of any genuine reasons for not following the guidelines of School uniform, parents should take permission from the School.


  1. The School has made an arrangement with a Contractor to provide transport facility to the students. A Form for the ‘Bus Facility’ has to be filled up and deposited at the School’s Transport Counter.
  2. Routes are fixed and are available at the Transport Counter.
  3. Charges are fixed per routes for a Quarter respective of whether the student uses the Bus for single or return journey. Charges are subject to change depending upon the circumstances.
  4. Once paid for the Quarter, Transport Fee will not be refunded even if a student discontinues the use of School Transport.
  5. Buses may reach the stop 5 minutes earlier or late due to unavailable reasons.
  6. A student can travel only by the route allotted for both up and down journey.
  7. Any change of the address or route should be brought to the notice of the Transport Incharge.
  8. School Bus safety Rules must be adhered to by the students.
  9. Proper arrangement of pick and drop from the Bus Stop must be made by the Parents.
  10. If the Transport fee is not paid, within a week of the due date, the Transport service will be withdrawn.
  11. Matters related to the Transport will be dealt by  the Transport Incharge. In case it is not solved, it can be brought to the notice of the Principal.


  1. Leave of absence is given to a student on prior application by the parents. In unavoidable circumstances the absence has to be regularized on the day of rejoining the School.
  2. Those absent on account of illness must submit valid medical certificate.
  3. Student suffering from any communicable disease must join only after due period of quarantine and with a fitness certificate.
  4. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than three months renders the student liable to have her/his name cancelled from the rolls and the caution money deposit will be transferred to the School fund.
  5. Appointment with doctors or any social engagement must not be arranged during School hours. No partial attendance will be permitted.
  6. It is compulsory for all the students to maintain 80% attendance during the course of the academic session, to enable them to appear for the final examination. A special certificate will be given to the students with 100% attendance.
  7.  Short leave or half day leave is not allowed to students.


  1. The School gate will be closed 15 minutes after the first bell rings.
  2. Late arrivals to School will not be appreciated. In case of three late comings to the School, the child will be asked to return home.
  3. In case of missing the School bus, parents are requested to drop the child to the School on their own.
  4. Parents should fill up the ‘Record for Non Attendance’ for each day the student is absent from School stating the reasons for the absence.
  5. No one, who has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the Class without a letter from the Parent, addressed to the Class Teacher, stating the reason for the absence.