Overnight Camp for Class V

A unique learning experience for Class V Students at Shanti Asiatic School

Overnight Camp for Class V Students

We are well aware that Co-Curricular Activities are very important for the all round development of children. They provide an informal setting for learning. Shanti Asiatic School always endeavors to expose its students to unique learning experience. In line with this an Overnight Camp was organized for Class V students at the School on 4th and 5th December, 2015. These Camps or Sleep away Camps are enjoyed by children world over. As per the Director and Principal, Ms. Neelima Sharma, Overnight Camps are important as they give students an experience of being on their own in a structured, supportive and supervised environment. The time away from the Parents provide an excellent opportunity for young children to take initiative, exercise their autonomy and develop leadership, problem solving and social skills which often build self-esteem. The Children learn at all levels –personal, social and physical.

Initially Parents were a little hesitant about the idea, but the Principal personally convinced them. The theme of the Camp was ‘Love and Compassion’. Many activities were organized for the students such as – Ice breaking Session, Theme Based Activities, Movie Show, Camp fire and trek to the nearby temple. The joy on the faces of children knew no bound and the time just flew away. Parents also were really very happy and satisfied and agreed with the school philosophy, that such events are very important for students.

overnight camp