Academic Program at Shanti Asiatic School

The academic program in our school is an outcome of intensive research and development with various educational organizations across the nation. Special focus is given on foreign language learning to prepare them for global citizenship. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression and learning beyond books is encouraged through an inquiry based learning approach.

The curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content to be taught to a learner in school. It typically refers to the knowledge and skills, the students are expected to learn. In empirical terms, it may be regarded as the sum total of a planned set of educational experiences provided to a learner by a school. The curriculum at Shanti Asiatic School is designed in such a way so that the students become a complete individual and independent lifelong learners, motivated to seek true knowledge which is experiential and transformational.

This methodology is supplemented with teamwork, project methodology and interactive learning. This ensures that the classes are vibrant, cooperative, cheerful and overflowing with ideas.

I = Inquisitiveness


Step one of learning is to get the child inquisitive about a subject, topic, object, concept. It is truly believed that unless one is not curious enough to learn, the sole purpose of learning is diluted. Curiosity is the first step to learning.

I = Inquiry Attitude


Step two is to ensure that the curiosity developed is sustained. This is achieved by giving constant encouragement, to him/her to inquire, ask random or relevant questions and in the process build a healthy inquiry based learning approach.

I = Innovation


Step three, is free the mind of the child to think, recreate and re innovate making it an experience that he/she cherishes for life. At the end of the day learning is all about remembering one's own experiences.